Iggy Azalea Unleashes Four New Songs, Starts New Project Called 'Surviving the Summer'

The Australian rapper reveals that the four songs will not be included in her upcoming album and confirms that 'Digital Distortion' is scrapped.

AceShowbiz - Iggy Azalea is back! The Australian rapper has shared on Twitter a link to download a four-track pack entitled "4 My Ratz". The songs, which are titled "Never Satisfied", "Going Up", "Good" and "Hate on It", are all produced by her friend, Ljay Currie.

She stated that the songs are motivational. "I am going to put some songs up tonight that my friend @iamljaycurrie produced for me over the summer that I feel are motivational," she tweeted. "I wrote them and @iamljaycurrie did all the beats and we both say its fine if you download them so... I sign my own permission slip."

Shortly after the announcement, many fans started asking Iggy whether or not the songs would be included in her new album. Answering the questions, she stated that the songs "are not album cuts made on label time" and that she only wrote them "for fun."

Iggy later announced that her upcoming album "Digital Distortion" was scrapped, adding that she would start a new project called "Surviving the Summer". The project is expected to be released next year. The rapper also confirmed that she has moved from her previous label, Def Jam, and is now signed to a new label called STS.

Back in July, Iggy took to Twitter to rant about the delay of the release of "Digital Distortion", which was supposed to be released on June 30. Iggy said that the CEO of her former label, Steve Bartel, opted not to release another single off the album. "Steve Bartels says he doesn't want to release another single for my album unfortunately. So that's that," she tweeted.

Despite that, she still assured her fans that her album wasn't canceled. "My album isn't canceled. It's just not having another single. It's still being released," she wrote.

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