Paris Jackson Volunteers in Puerto Rico to Help Relief Efforts

The daughter of Michael Jackson joins Bethenny Frankel's organization to help distribute supplies to the hurricane victims.

AceShowbiz - Paris Jackson flew to Puerto Rico to help distribute supplies to the families affected by hurricane. The daughter of Michael Jackson joined Bethenny Frankel who has been assisting relief efforts since the island was destroyed by the natural disaster.

Paris, wearing a black T-shirt, loose pants, a white-and-red cap, and comfy sandals, was seen unloading the plane when they touched down in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. She also helped load the supplies into the truck before they were distributed to the hurricane victims.

"I made friends today. feels good to be wit beings of light on dat mutual frequency. what incredible little bundles of joy," the 19-year-old blonde model wrote in an Instagram picture that showed her reading a book to a little kid at a school in Puerto Rico.

On Twitter, the blonde stunner revealed that her feet and toes were swolen like "sausages" because of "so much flying in one day." She additionally told her online followers that she couldn't fit her feet into her shoes so she had to walk through the airport barefoot.

Frankel sent hugs and kisses to her. "Thank you @ParisJackson our humanitarian of the day for helping us charter a plane to distribute relief in Aguadilla to those in need. #BeStrongGlobalBetter #thisisacrisis xoxo," Frankel wrote on her own Instagram.

Bethenny Frankel has been sending chartered private planes to Puerto Rico. She filled them with "supplies, suitcases full of cash cards, pediatric supplies, insulin, hygiene products, medics, non perishable food, Rescue Warrior nurses, EMTs, combat medics." She added, "We will return these planes full of PR cancer patients, diabetics and people that are dying."

Other celebrities making donations to Puerto Rico included Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston and Chelsea Handler. The three women donated $1 million each. J.Lo. also helped raise $35 million at a star-studded charity concert benefitting Puerto Rico.

Meanwhile, Scarlett Johansson recently announced a reading of Thornton Wilder's "Our Town" to raise more funds. The actress recruited her Marvel co-stars like Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans and Mark Ruffalo for the benefit event.

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