Wanna One's Kang Daniel Confirmed to Guest Star on 'Running Man'

The Wanna One center is confirmed to appear in an upcoming episode of 'Running Man' and has reportedly filmed it with the cast members.

AceShowbiz - Great news, Wannable! On October 16, Wanna One's agency YMC Entertainment confirmed that Kang Daniel would appear as a guest star in an upcoming episode of "Running Man". Report said that the Wanna One center was filming with "Running Man" cast members.

Following the news, many fans have expressed excitement for Daniel's appearance on the show, saying they couldn't wait for it. A fan commented, "Song Ji Hyo will be very excited. I can't wait to see her reaction. She was so disappointed when Jo Se Ho showed up instead of Kang Daniel. So this time she won't be disappointed anymore."

It was revealed that one of "Running Man" cast members, Song Ji Hyo, is a fan of Kang Daniel. In the 367th episode, the show held a couple race, inviting six female guests and two male guests to be the members' pair. When it's time to introduce the last male guest, Wanna One's "Pick Me" was being played, leading everyone to expect a Wanna One member. Ji Hyo showed her anticipation the most among all members. However, instead of a Wanna One member, comedian Jo Se Ho appeared and disappointed everyone, including Ji Hyo who looked really annoyed and disappointed.

"Among all of us, Ji Hyo is disappointed very much. She really wanted it to be Kang Daniel," Yoo Jae Suk said, and Se Ho jokingly responded, "I'm not Kang Daniel, but I'm Kang Dani (determined)." Everyone then laughed at his joke.

Daniel's appearance on "Running Man" aside, it has also been confirmed that the popular singer would be a permanent member of "Master Key" with his groupmate Ong Seong Wu. An insider told DongA.com, "They are permanent members. They couldn't participate in the second filming because of a schedule that had already been set. We don't have a set date for the third filming, but they will be participating starting from that episode."

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