John Legend Unleashes Vintage Music Video for 'Penthouse Floor' Featuring Chance The Rapper

The 'All of Me' hitmaker delivers a strong message about social justice in the clip that features a crowd protesting in front of a hotel.

AceShowbiz - Following the release of his fifth studio album "Darkness and Light" on December 2, 2016, John Legend finally debuted a music video for a track entitled "Penthouse Floor" featuring Chance The Rapper on Thursday, October 12. The singer-songwriter, who is known for campaigning for social issues in America, delivered a strong message in the five-and-a-half-minute clip.

In the video, Legend plays a hotel employee who works at an astonishing, high-end establishment. The extravagant interior clearly shows the wealth and status of any guest who goes there. One of the hotel's guests is shown wearing a red "Make America Great Hat", pointing out that he is a supporter of Donald Trump. Meanwhile, protest is taking place outside. People gather in front of the hotel, rising signs that reads, "The Future Is Female", "Black Lives Matter" and more. The visuals delivers a plain social message to the viewers.

The video was well received by fans. A fan commented, "Man, a beautiful song and a music video that took shots at people in the positions of power but still showed us that we're all just human beings without our riches or influence!"

In a recent interview with Complex, Legend shared what he wanted to represent in the music video. "I wanted to have more attention in the song where I was thinking about not just upward mobility and escaping," he said. "But also thinking about what it means to come from humble beginnings like I came from, a blue collar family, where people that are often ignored and forgotten about, and to elevate more rarefied air like I am now but to not forget about where you came from. And to use your power and status to uplift people and shine a light on places where we come from."

The Grammy Award winner also mentioned about the Trump supporter in the video, who later drops his hat at the end. "We all live here together in this country, and we want to live in a harmonious and peaceful way," he said. "But if your desire is to further Trump's cause, which I believe is white supremacy, then we can't be on the same page. But if you drop that, we can."

When asked whether he had seen Eminem's freestyle rap to Trump or not, Legend remarked that he had already seen it and was impressed by the Detroit rapper. He commented, "I love that he made such a bold statement because he risked alienating some of his core fans by doing that, and for him to do that I think is particularly powerful."

Legend's "Darkness and Light" album features twelve songs including his collaborations with Chance The Rapper on "Penthouse Floor", Brittany Howard on "Darkness and Light" and Miguel on "Overload".

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