'The Walking Dead': Rick Convinces the Survivors That They've 'Already Won' in New Promo

The 13-second teaser also offers a glimpse of Rick's daughter Judith, who grows up fast, in a scene featuring him patting her head affectionately.

AceShowbiz - A new teaser of "The Walking Dead" season 8 has found its way out online. The new video, which mainly focuses on Rick, features him in the middle of pep talk, trying to convince everyone that they've "already won" the battle against Negan and the Saviors.

"The world is ours. With everything we've beaten, [and] everything we've become," he says. An intriguing scene later flickers on the screen, featuring Rick's daughter Judith who grows up fast. Rick can be seen patting her head affectionately. It serves as the first footage of the toddler from the upcoming season 8 of the AMC series.

The teaser continues, showing Rick and Darly moving stealthily along the side of a building with weapons raised. The former keeps readying his group for the war that might be marching to Negan's front door in season 8 premiere, as he yells, "No matter what comes next, we've already won!"

The cast previously teased that the upcoming season would be more intense than before. "It's a f**king in-your-face-action-packed IV of adrenaline," said Austin Amelio to Entertainment Weekly. "Season 7 was the ramp-up and now this is the blastoff. The stuff that's happening is insane!"

Seth Gilliam, meanwhile, offered an interesting description for season 8, saying that it was "like a Schwarzenegger [Arnold Schwarzenegger] versus Stallone [Sylvester Stallone] action thing from the '80s" and there were "10 explosions an episode." He went on saying, "Every time you turn around, somebody's shooting something or blowing something up. There's some serious action that I don't think we've seen on television since 'The A-Team' went off the air."

"The Walking Dead" returns for season 8 on October 22 on AMC.

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