'The X-Files': Season 11 First Look Reunites Mulder and Scully With Twist

Series creator Chris Carter teases that the first hour of the upcoming season will invite viewers to delve into Cigarette Smoking Man's backstory and reveal his apparent family ties to Mulder.

AceShowbiz - "The X-Files" has treated fans to a slew of first-look photos of the upcoming season 11. The photos, which are released via Entertainment Weekly, give fans some ideas of what to expect from the new season and hint that Agents Fox Mulder (%cDavid Duchovny%) and Dana Scully (%cGillian Anderson%) are finally reuniting as a couple, but there is a twist.

Scully, who was last seen immune to the alien virus sweeping the plane, is seen lying on a hospital bed. Instead, we get Mulder, who was infected by the virus, staying beside her, looking in perfect health. "Obviously something unexpected has happened," says series creator Chris Carter, before adding that "everything is by design."

Carter also promises that Mulder and Scully will be "drawn even closer together this year." He further teases that the pair are in for an intense journey involving William, the son Scully shares with Mulder who she gave up for adoption 15 years ago. "William has been an absent center. He will come to the fore," Carter reveals.

The first episode of season 11 will invite viewers to delve into Cigarette Smoking Man's (%cWilliam B. Davis%) backstory and reveal his apparent family ties to Mulder. Meanwhile, the second hour is poised to feature a time jump. It will put distance between Mulder and Scully and the events of the season premiere.

Carter also weighs in on working with %cBarbara Hershey%, who is tapped to play a mysterious character named Erika Price. "It was a thrill to work with her," Carter says. Carter also teases the addition of another new character named Mr. Y-and some characters who only appear to be new-in season 11.

The new season will also explore the motive behind one of the most surprising twists in season 10, in which loyal ally Agent Reyes (%cAnnabeth Gish%) admitted her collaboration with the Cigarette Smoking Man. In addition, viewers will be offered a new angle on Mulder and Scully's boss, Assistant Director Skinner (%cMitch Pileggi%).

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