'Fear the Walking Dead' 3.13 Sneak Peeks: Can Troy Redeem Himself by Saving the Ranch?

Nick and Troy try everything to save people in the ranch, while Ofelia and Alicia part ways to find a way out.

AceShowbiz - The ranch is no longer a safe place, no thanks to Troy. In the latest episode of "Fear the Walking Dead", [SPOILER ALERT!] the crazy Otto brother led a massive horde of zombies to the ranch after sneaking into Nick's room and launching a threat to him the night before.

When Nick and Jake went out to find Troy and confront him, Jake who couldn't shoot his brother ended up being bitten by a walker. Nick tried to save him by cutting his arm, but it was too late. Stunned that his plan to revolt went awry, Troy now must help Nick to save everyone at the ranch which has been attacked by the zombies.

In a preview for the next episode, Nick and Troy try everything to distract the walkers. "If those people die, it's because we failed," Nick tells Troy. They drive a car through the walkers and are later seen being cornered into a crashed helicopter while being surrounded by zombies.

Back in the ranch, Ofelia and Alicia plot their next move against the infected outside. In a clip for the same outing, Ofelia and Alicia decide to part ways, with Ofelia seeking a way to safe them through the ceiling. Meanwhile, Alicia and the rest of the people stay in the pantry, but soon walkers get inside the pantry.

"This Land Is Your Land" airs Sunday, October 1 at 9/8c on AMC.

Fans took to Twitter to react to the shocking and gory death scene in episode 12. "HOLY F**K I DID NOT SEE **THAT** COMING. #FearTWD," one wrote. Another tweeted, "Field amputations gotta hurt. BAD. #FearTWD." Another viewers commented, "Oh my God. Jake! #FearTWD."

Some others blamed Troy for it. "Let biter Jake eat Troy. #FearTWD #FearTheWalkingDead," one posted. Another similarly suggested, "Jake needs to bite Troy. #poeticjustice #feartwd."

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