NBC Doubts Megyn Kelly Ahead of 'Today' Debut. Will She Be Fired?

The former Fox News anchor is also said to be under a lot of stress as well as have 'a lot of sleepless nights' ahead of the morning show's debut on September 25.

AceShowbiz - NBC is reportedly in a panic mode ahead of Megyn Kelly's daytime program, the third hour of "Today", which is set to debut on September 25. According to Radar Online, the head honchos at the network are doubting that the former Fox News reporter has what it takes to bring in ratings for the morning show.

"They're worried because they've invested a lot of resources into her, and they're not sure if her original appeal when she was at Fox will translate," an insider tells the news outlet. Rumor had it, Megyn was offered $17 million contract earlier this year for "Today".

The insider further claims that the veteran anchor has been under a lot of stress lately, adding that Megyn is having "a lot of sleepless nights." The source goes on saying, "It's just really stressful right now. No one wants to look like a fool."

The Daily Beast also reports that the network is questioning about who Megyn's audience is exactly. Her new gig allegedly also gives them "total panic" attacks as they seemingly have to face the intense media scrutiny that will unavoidably attend the launch of "Megyn Kelly Today".

The disappointing ratings of "Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly" also further worsens the situation. Megyn previously landed in hot water with Alex Jones segment, on which they discussed mass shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. The conspiracy theorist later slammed the anchor and accused her of misrepresenting his views on Sandy Hook incident.

As NBC is losing faith in Megyn, they are said to be planning to bring in MSNBC star Rachel Maddow to "Today". "Expect 'Today' to introduce Rachel slowly--putting her on once or twice a week, and then increasing her role until she's a full-time member of the 'Today' family," a source said.

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