The Planned Joker Origin Film Sparks Outrage Among Fans

Not wanting a Joker origin story, many comment that the arch nemesis of Batman works best because his life before the clown makeup and mayhem is a complete mystery.

AceShowbiz - DC fans have gone wild on Twitter shortly after it's announced that The Joker is getting his own solo movie focusing on his origin story. Many don't want The Joker to have an origin story as they believe that the arch nemesis of Batman works best because his life before the clown makeup and mayhem is a complete mystery.

"We do not need a Joker movie," a fan tweeted. Another furiously wrote, "WE ALREADY KNOW THAT THE JOKER WAS BITTEN BY A RADIOACTIVE COMEDIAN," adding that "we don't need a whole film about it jeez."

There's also someone poking fun at the idea of exploring the backstory of the maniacal villain, saying, "I bet they are gonna give Joker some ridiculous name like 'Greg'," along with a sighing GIF. Another responded to the post, "I've been waiting so long for a solo Joker movie And they wanna f**k it up with Greg or Augustus or whatever the f**k they're planning."

"Please don't make the #Joker movie and origin story," one fan said, adding, "He's not supposed to have an origin story!" Another noted, "There's plenty of arguments for how a Joker movie could work, but in the end it humanizes him and that's not a Joker I want tbh."

Some others, meanwhile, weighed in on the new project after Todd Phillips was hired to develop it. The filmmaker behind "The Hangover" trilogy, "Old School" and "Starsky & Hutch" reportedly co-writes the script and will possibly direct the film, but fans doubt that he would be able to deliver the dark and complicated character.

"My guess: WB asked Phillips if he'd be interested in a DC movie and this is what he pitched. So they said, 'Umm, sure. Try it,' " someone tweeted. "Todd Phillips dusting off that clown suit for Joker movie," another wrote.

There's also a user who posted a GIF featuring a furious man smashing everything on a table and said, "Nerds currently reacting to news that #TheHangover filmmaker Todd Phillips is tapped to co-write and possibly direct Joker film."

It was reported earlier Tuesday, August 22 that in addition to Phillips, Martin Scorsese is involved in the producing. The new project is announced after Warner Bros. announced a new label that will specifically deal with DC-related projects.

It is expected to explore the origin story of the crazed villain. Previously played by the late Heath Ledger in Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight" trilogy, the character was resurrected by Jared Leto in the DCEU. He made his debut in last year's "Suicide Squad" along with his on-screen sidekick Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie).

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