TVXQ Breaks Silence on Yunho's Recent Wardrobe Malfunction

TVXQ Breaks Silence on Yunho's Recent Wardrobe Malfunction

The 31-year-old actor's pants ripped during his solo performance at recent 'SMTOWN LIVE TOUR VI in SEOUL'.
TVXQ held a press conference on Monday, August 21. The duo reunited together as a band after almost two years due to their mandatory military service. During the press conference, they discussed Yunho's recent wardrobe malfunction at "SMTOWN LIVE TOUR VI in SEOUL".

Yunho's pants ripped during his solo performance. However, he took it like a professional and said with ease, "I was working hard because it was the first time [since I was discharged], and my pants ripped!" He then went backstage to change his pants before carrying on the rest of his performance flawlessly.

During the press conference, Yunho denied it was "noise marketing." "Actually, I knew that my pants ripped as soon as it happened, but I didn't want to break the atmosphere," he explained, "Since it was a big stage and because I wanted to do well, that's what happened."

He added, "There were a lot of supportive comments, which I was very thankful for. I saw comments saying, 'It was amazing that he didn't even blink an eye and finished the stage,' and 'That's why he's TVXQ.' I was grateful for the support."

Yunho said that he "really wanted to be on stage after seeing our juniors. That's why I was so passionate that I ripped my pants. But I'm not embarrassed." However, Changmin quipped, "Well, I'm embarrassed for you!"

Yunho laughed and added, "I'm not embarrassed. I think it was something to show our juniors that what is most important on stage is having a genuine connection with your audience. Since we also feel that we should last longer thanks to our juniors, I think it's win-win for both parties."

During "SMTOWN LIVE TOUR VI in SEOUL", Yunho performed his new solo song, "Drop". He also performed TVXQ's hit songs such as "Mirotic", "Keep Your Head Down" and "Somebody to Love".

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