Working Out in Pajamas, Big Bang's Taeyang Is Dubbed an 'Old Man'

Working Out in Pajamas, Big Bang's Taeyang Is Dubbed an 'Old Man'

Watch the 'Eyes, Nose, Lips' singer trade his usually stylish look for a daily outfit in a clip of 'I Live Alone'.
Taeyang, like most K-pop idols, is known for his ever-changing look, but it's perhaps the first time we see him in his daily outfit. The Big Bang member appeared in the August 18 episode of "I Live Alone", MBC's documentary-style reality shows that follows celebrities who are single and live alone, during which he showed his daily activities off stage.

He was shown doing his laundry, jogging and exercising in the neighborhood in pajamas. Cast members Jeon Hyun Moo and Park Na Rae couldn't help poking fun at Taeyang as he consistently changed into different pairs of pajamas after each task.

"That's a clear sign of aging," Na-rae jokingly said. "He looks like an ajusshi (old man)." In his defense, the "Eyes, Nose, Lips" hitmaker said, "Doesn't it look classic to you guys? Wearing pajamas like that is a must."

Taeyang later made the female cast members blushed as he stripped off his clothes in the bathroom. After showering, he changed into more casual clothes to go out for a drive. He showed off his collection of jeans, shirts, jackets and caps.

Also on the show, Taeyang revealed the reason why he left Big Bang dorm. Before living in his own house, the 29-year-old used to live in a dorm with his groupmates. He eventually left the dorm because of Seungri.

The boyfriend of Min Hyo Rin said that Seungri often played music loudly and brought his friends to the dorm. Taeyang couldn't stand that anymore and decided to leave the dorm. The other members later followed in his footsteps. Though they now live in different places, the Big Bang members are still very close to each other as Seungri and Daesung sometimes visit Taeyang's house.

Taeyang, whose real name is Dong Young-bae, has been promoting his new album "White Night", which was released on August 16. He will be heading to the U.S. and Canada for a world tour.

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