'The Walking Dead' Extended Dream Sequence Has More Glenn and Abraham

See your favorite characters alive and together in this heartbreaking dream sequence in Alexandria which is released on Blu-ray and DVD.

AceShowbiz - Craving for more Glenn and Abraham after these characters were brutally killed in the season 7 premiere of "The Walking Dead"? The two favorite characters, along with Sasha, are brought back in a deleted dream sequence that is released as part of the show's season 7 Blu-ray and DVD sets, which will be released August 22.

The shorter version of the scene, which saw the Alexandrian protagonists gathering around a table for a feast, was seen as Rick's dream after Negan's brutal killings in the seventh season premiere. The extended one sees Glenn playing with his son on a blanket, Abraham and Sasha chatting and laughing while sitting on a bench, and Carol walking by with a tray of cookies.

Michonne emerges with two bottles of beers. Glenn and his son later play on the street as Eugene plays with a remote-control car. Maggie joins Glenn and their kid, and Daryl tries to make fire with Aaron.

The description of the scene reads, "The deleted scene is one continuous shot accompanied by a touching score from Bear McCreary. It was ultimately eliminated from Rick's dream sequence in Episode 7x01 ('The Day Will Come When You Won't Be')."

"The Walking Dead" returns with the new season Sunday, October 22 on AMC.

The extended scene comes amid AMC's legal trouble with the show's producers, Robert Kirkman, Gale Ann Hurd, Glenn Mazzara and David Alpert. The producers sued the company, alleging them of breach of contract, tortious interference and unfair or fraudulent business acts.

They claimed in the lawsuit that the relationship between AMC Network and AMC Studios which produces the series has resulted in a much lower licensing fee than the popular series should command. The number has greatly affected the profits distributed to the four producers.

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