Judge Tosses DJ's Lawsuit Against Taylor Swift in Groping Trial

Judge Tosses DJ's Lawsuit Against Taylor Swift in Groping Trial

The 'Shake It Off' hitmaker is no longer a defendant in a case claiming she got former radio host David Mueller fired.
Taylor Swift has scored a major victory in an ongoing groping trial involving Colorado DJ David Mueller. A federal judge dismissed Mueller's lawsuit against the pop star on Friday, August 11 in court, reasoning that Mueller didn't have enough evidence to prove that Swift got him fired.

District Judge William Martinez also removed most of the claims against Swift's co-defendants, her mother Andrea and radio specialist Frank Bell, who are members of her management team. However, a jury will still consider one of Mueller's claims, which is tortious interference with contracts, against Andrea and Bell.

Swift got visibly emotional in the courtroom after the ruling. She dabbed at her eyes with tissues after the judge revealed rulings in her favor. Mueller had sought $3 million in damages from Swift.

Swift's countersuit accusing the former radio host of assault and battery will move ahead to jury deliberation on Monday. She's seeking $1 "to let people know you can say no and that grabbing a woman's rear is an assault."

Twitter users, mostly supporting Swift, have reacted to the ruling. "Y'all. I'm digging @taylorswift13 so hard right now for the feminist badassery," TV writer Shonda Rhimes wrote.


"@taylorswift13 you have been so strong this week & are an incredible role model for women all over the world. sending my love," another tweet read.

Another commented, "I may not like things Taylor Swift has allegedly said or done BUT I do commend her for fighting back in court."

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