FX Boss Talks About the Future of 'Louie', 'Katrina: American Crime Story' and 'Fargo'

FX CEO John Landgraff teased that 'Katrina' was undergoing 'a creative pivot' and revealed that the series would air since the new pivot was a 'really exciting idea.'

AceShowbiz - FX gave some updates on several of its shows, and among the shows was Louis C.K.'s critically-acclaimed comedy "Louie". FX CEO John Landgraff revealed during the network's panel at the Television Critics Association summer press tour that fans seemingly have to wait a little while longer to get the long-gestating sixth season of the series.

"I really don't have any update on season 6," Landgraff said. "I think it's possible there'll never be another season of 'Louie'. And I think it's also possible there'll be four or five more seasons of 'Louie' over the next 30 years."

He shared that he has been in constant communication with C.K., before adding, "I think he had run out of things to say." He continued, "I think if it ever comes back it will be a really different show. I've got my fingers crossed. I still talk to him... it hasn't come up for a while."

C.K. added in separated interview that should they revive the comedy, it wouldn't be the version of "Louie" that was on FX. "I don't think I'll do that exact version again, 'cause I just haven't been that guy for a while-the, you know, stained black T-shirt and two kids. They're older now and I'm an older dad," he explained. "I always thought that if I did 'Louie' again I would circle back to it later, with a different version. No idea if that'll happen. I don't think about it much."

"Katrina: American Crime Story" was also brought up to the discussion. The third installment of Ryan Murphy's anthology series was previously said to "get stalled." However, Landgraff opened up that he was "confident that it will air."

"I'm really, really excited. It was a big creative pivot we made. It was a difficult decision... the bar is really high for this franchise and we just weren't confident that we were able to hit it," he said about the original plan of "Katrina". But rest assured since Landgraff said that the new pivot was a "really exciting idea."

As for "Fargo", he admitted that he hasn't heard the idea of the series' season 4 from creator Noah Hawley, who is currently working on "Legion" season 2. "I haven't heard-we haven't heard the idea from Noah for what the fourth season would be. I think what we've encouraged Noah to do is think about it... there's at least some possibility he won't have that idea for some period of time... some possibility that we'll hear that idea sometime soon," he said.

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