'Bachelorette' Finale: Whom Rachel Lindsay Is Engaged to?

Rachel sent home another guy and had a very emotional breakup before revealing the man she chose in the finale.

AceShowbiz - Did Rachel Lindsay find "the one" on "The Bachelorette"? After weeks of drama and a string of dates, the 32-year-old lawyer made her final choice in the season 13 finale which began with Rachel joining host Chris Harrison on "After the Final Rose" to break down her overnight dates with Peter Kraus and Bryan Abasolo.

After Peter admitted that he's not sure he's ready to propose, he and Rachel realized that they needed more time to have private conversations and try to grow their relationship. Rachel admitted she almost sent Peter home, but they were all smiles in the morning after spending the night in the Fantasy Suite.

Bryan showed how he's genuinely concerned about Rachel during their overnight date. He told her during dinner that he noticed she was preoccupied. Rachel appreciated it and they headed to the Fantasy Suite.

Rachel admitted to Chris after the last date, "I went in there with a list - I had questions I wanted to ask, concerns that my family had had. You know, in true lawyer fashion, I was asking about health insurance and credit scores."

After the Fantasy Suite dates, Rachel sent home another man to bring it down to two. She chose to eliminate Eric Bigger, admitting that she did love him but wasn't in love with him. When he joined her on the live viewing, Eric took the breakup like a champion.

Before the Final Rose Ceremony, Rachel had one last date with each of the top 2. She and Bryan rode a hot air balloon and made out a lot. He gave her a homemade Spanish dictionary and told her that she'd be making a mistake if she didn't choose him.

Peter's conflicted feeling once again overshadowed his date with Rachel. He said he wasn't afraid of marriage, but was afraid of multiple marriages. He said he wasn't 100 percent sure that she's the one, but later in the night he said he fell in love with her. Yet, he wasn't ready to propose.

He started crying, realizing that this could be the end. He said he would propose if she needed to show how serious he was, but that's not what she wanted. They eventually broke up and both were very emotional. They were crying and both of them said, "I love you."

When they reunited on "After the Final Rose", Peter admitted that he was "terrified" of meeting her again. He apologized for saying during their breakup that she'd have a mediocre life without him. With that, Rachel reminded him that she's "living my best life." He also said that he tried to reach back to her, but she turned it down.

That left Bryan as the remaining guy. "When I first stepped out of that limo, I knew I was in for the ride of my life. When we first kissed, it was literally like a chemistry bomb had just exploded," he said at the Final Rose Ceremony. "You are every thing I could ever want in a woman, a wife, the mother of my children. I'm completely head over heels, totally, absolutely in love with you. I just hope you feel the same."

Rachel said, "My heart is never been more confused than it has been this week," but that wasn't the real case as she didn't have to make a difficult decision after sending home Eric and breaking up with Peter. She admitted she was in love with him. Bryan got down on one knee and proposed, and she said yes.

Prior to the finale, Rachel revealed her engagement ring in a picture teasing her and her fiance's appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!".

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