Selena Gomez Gets Kinky in 'Fetish' Music Video

The 'Same Old Love' hitmaker has a quite twisted fetish in the clip, as it finds her chewing on a broken wine glass and tying a knot of string around her tongue.

AceShowbiz - Just days after her birthday, Selena Gomez has now unleashed a visuals for her latest single "Fetish" featuring Gucci Mane. The former Disney darling takes the song title to a whole new level in the video, as it sees her doing bizarre things, like chewing on a broken glass, clamping an eyelash curler onto her tongue, as well as eating a soap and a lipstick.

The Petra Collins-directed clip begins with Selena walking on a deserted suburban street while carrying bags of groceries and looking up at the glaring sun. The 25-year-old singer starts to show her sinister behavior when she enters a house. She smashes her groceries on the wall before crawling on a candlelit dinner table with water pouring from above.

The visuals strongly has whimsical imagery as it follows Selena aimlessly wandering around with empty eyes. While the clip features many surreal images, it is oddly quite sexy as it also finds the pop star flashing her nipples in a sheer yellow dress while writhing on the kitchen floor and in a wintry freezer.

"Fetish" serves as the follow-up to "Bad Liar" and lead single off Selena's new album which is expected to arrive later this year. Co-written by Leland and Chloe Angelides, "Fetish" shows an evolution of Selena's music. "It's an evolution," she previously said of the song. "I know it's different and I just wanted it to sound like something I've never done before."

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