Henry Cavill's Mustache Will Be Digitally Removed From 'Justice League' Reshoots

The facial hair that the actor is sporting for his role in 'M:I 6' is causing a problem for major reshoots for the upcoming DC superhero team-up movie.

AceShowbiz - Henry Cavill has grown a full beard for his role opposite Tom Cruise in "Mission: Impossible 6" which is currently filming. But Warner Bros. also needs the actor for extensive reshoots as Superman for "Justice League", and his facial hair is causing a problem.

The Man of Steel, whose alter-ego is Clark Kent, is known as a clean shaven superhero. However, Cavill can't shave his facial hair right now since he is not done yet with the filming of the sixth "Mission: Impossible" movie, which has Christopher McQuarrie serving behind the lens.

"Paramount [the studio behind 'M: I6'] would not allow Cavill to shave the facial hair while production was taking place," according to Variety. Thus, Warner Bros. will have to digitally removed the facial hair from "Justice League" in post-production.

It's just another thing WB has to deal with as it tries to "[builds] on the creative success of 'Wonder Woman' instead of serving up a 'Suicide Squad'-style disappointment." Variety reports that about $25 million has been spent to date on two months of reshoots in London and Los Angeles, with Joss Whedon stepping in to replace director Zack Snyder, who stepped down in March following his daughter's suicide.

Additionally, the site reports that Ezra Miller, who plays The Flash, has been juggling the reshoots with his expanded role in Warner Bros.' sequel to "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" which started filming earlier this summer. Since that is also a Warner Bros. property, scheduling has been easier for the actor, according to the site.

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