Mariah Carey Gets Slammed for Lackluster Dance During Underwhelming Performance

The diva has sent Twitter into frenzy after a video which shows her dancing lazily during recent gig went viral on social media.

AceShowbiz - Mariah Carey couldn't make it clearer that she didn't feel like dancing during her recent show. A video taken from Mariah's Las Vegas residency has surfaced online, featuring the 47-year-old diva literally doing the bare minimum to keep up with her backup dancers throughout the song.

Sporting a skintight pink leotard, the "Without You" songstress halfheartedly moved her arms in the first part of the dance. She stiffly smiled as one of the hunky dancers lifted her on the other dancers' backs. The singer's lack of enthusiasm was very obvious, including when she was spun around by the sailor-clad dancer. She didn't even bother to hold her own microphone.

The video soon went viral on Twitter. Some users seemed to find it very funny as one tweeted, "Lolololol she's way too chill about the performance...,she could have put in some type of effort," while another wittily wrote, "I like to call that move, 'the strippers when nobody tipping.' "

Some others slammed Mariah for failing to deliver a good performance with her lack of effort in dancing. "It wasn't an excuse- it was a joke. If I went to a concert, I'd expect to be entertained. That was a terrible performance," a user snarked. Similarly, another tweeted, "I feel bad whoever paid to see that performance."

On the other hand, Mariah's fans made some excuses to justify the diva's performance. "She is a singer and not a dancer. Get it straight," an angry fan tweeted. Meanwhile, another wrote, "She knows she really isn't a dancer and she likes to joke and have fun with this part of the show. Why you always trying to make her look bad?"

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