Choiza Fuels Sulli Reconciliation Rumors With Recent Instagram Pic

Choiza Fuels Sulli Reconciliation Rumors With Recent Instagram Pic

The Dynamic Duo member posted on Instagram a photo of cats which resembled the cats that the 'To the Beautiful You' star owns.
It seems like Choiza and Sulli have really rekindled their romance. The "BAAAM" rapper fueled the reconciliation rumors by posting a photo of cats which resembled Sulli's cats on Instagram on Sunday, July 16.

The photo featured a brown cat sitting next to a black cat. Their faces couldn't be seen as they were back facing the camera. A pair of jeans, a belt and a striped shirt could be seen near the cats. "Yoga class," Choiza wrote in the caption.

Yoga class

Sebuah kiriman dibagikan oleh Choiza (@choiza11) pada

Although fans could only see the cats' backs, they noted that the cats looked incredibly similar to Sulli's cats. "It seems like Choiza is also an attention whore like Sulli. He knew that it'd be controversial if he uploaded pictures of Sulli's cats, is he asking for attention or what?" a fan commented on an article on Nate. Another added, "They're dating again. Seeing that Choiza's making it obvious like this, they both seem to be one and the same [kind of people]... just leave 'em be."

Other fans thought that "yoga class" referred to sex as the "Without You" hitmaker seemingly took off his clothes before taking the photo. "Maybe they forgot about the heat of their break up and are back to remembering how good it's been in bed. Pretty unexpected of Choiza after he uploaded that cheating picture on social media," one of them wrote. "Sex is the hardest to get over between a couple," another added.

Choiza and Sulli were believed to have started dating again following her breakup from Kim Min Jun. When the former f(x) member confirmed her relationship with Min Jun a few months ago, the 37-year-old rapper hinted that the "Red Light" hitmaker cheated on him through a cryptic Instagram post.

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