Kelly Brook Is Under Fire for Allegedly Photoshopping Her Photo

Observant fans accused the British model of photoshopping her sexy snap as the floor in the photo looked unnaturally curved.

AceShowbiz - %cKelly Brook% has an amazing figure, but maybe there are times when she feels insecure with her body. The former "One Big Happy" star landed in hot water for allegedly photoshopping a photo she posted on Instagram on Sunday, July 16.

In the photo, Kelly was sitting on a sunbed while staring at something off the camera. She donned a black swimsuit which barely covered her ample assets. The skin-tight swimsuit hugged her curves perfectly. "Holiday Vibes #Provence #France #RoadTrip #HotelGalicci @jeremyparisi," she wrote in the caption.

Holiday Vibes #Provence #France #RoadTrip #HotelGalicci 🚗💨🌻❤️🍞🧀🍷 @jeremyparisi

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Although Kelly looked gorgeous in the photo, many fans noticed that the wooden floor in the photo looked unnaturally curved, leading them to believe that the busty model photoshopped her photo. "Photoshopped! Just look at the decking! You don't need to do that!! You have a great body!" a fan wrote in the comment section, while another observant fan added, "P.s, the decking, the doors and the side of the pool. At least do a good job if you're gunna try #fake it."

However, other fans didn't think that it was a huge deal. "Why's everyone so bothered by it? You all use filters to change skin tone etc why not edit her own photos if she's a model who's photos have been edited all of her career anyway," one of them said. Another added, "Who cares if she photoshopped her photo!? Utterly ridiculous that people care... Kelly you look fabulous Photoshopped or not!"

Kelly previously shared a photo of her showing off her enviable curves in a red-and-white plaid dress. She could be seen smiling at the camera while sticking out her butt. She captioned it, "Provence #RoadTrip #Avignon #IsleDelaSorgue #Antiques #MichelinStar #France."

Provence #RoadTrip #Avignon #IsleDelaSorgue #Antiques #MichelinStar #France 🌻

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