Song Joong Ki's Dad Reveals Song Hye Kyo Used to Sleep Over at His House

Song Joong Ki's Dad Reveals Song Hye Kyo Used to Sleep Over at His House

The 'That Winter, the Wind Blows' actress has already formed a close relationship with her fiance's family since filming 'Descendants of the Sun' two years ago.
Song Joong Ki's father might have predicted that his son would marry Song Hye Kyo. He revealed in a recent interview that the "Full House" actress used to sleep over at their family house while filming "Descendants of the Sun" back in 2015.

"[Joong Ki] comes often and rests here. He brings friends often too," Joong Ki's father said. "Lee Kwang Soo comes very frequently and during the 'DOTS' filming, the location was close [to his house] so Song Hye Kyo, Jin Goo and Kim Ji Won slept over."

The actor's father then clarified rumors saying that he didn't approve of his son's marriage to Hye Kyo. "He's at the right age to get married so I'm happy he's getting married," he stated, before adding, "I heard that there are rumors that I was against the marriage, but that is a misunderstanding. I respect his decision."

He also hoped that the "Nice Guy" star would be a good husband and father. "When you get married that means you have a stable family. So I hope he works harder and becomes an actor that can really support a family. I believe my son will be such a person," he concluded.

Joong Ki's father wouldn't need to worry as Joong Ki vowed to live happily with Hye Kyo. "As many people may know, she is a very calm and thoughtful person. She is someone with a great amount of influence. Since she is a senior to me, she often teaches me many things," Joong Ki gushed over the actress during an appearance on "One Night of TV Entertainment" on Tuesday, July 11. "We will live a happy life while doing good deeds. Thank you so much once again."

Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo previously announced that they would be getting married in October after two years of dating.

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