'KUWTK' Returns for Another Season as 'Life of Kylie' Ends Up Being a Flop

'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' is reportedly returning for a new season despite a huge ratings crash in its 13th season.

AceShowbiz - "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" is reportedly returning for a new season despite a huge rating crash in its 13th season. "Filming starts in August for Season 15," reveals a source close to production.

"Pretty much everyone is taking July off from filming and then it will all start again," the source tells Radar Online, "KUWTK ratings were bad this season, but it is all over the world and it is still a cash cow for the network."

According to the source, %cKris Jenner% was relentless about "KUWTK". The source adds, "Kris doesn't let anyone stop. She pushes everyone to film and to do everything for the show. It never ends. And if Kim's surrogacy can happen she hopes that would be good for ratings too."

In other news, the future of %cKylie Jenner%'s new reality show "Life of Kylie" is in danger. Rumor has it, the show is "not going so great" and producers are scrambling to save it from disaster.

"Kylie is upset at how the show is turning out, and she is running out of content," reveals an insider to Radar, "She does not want to give too much away and she wanted the show to be about her business and her brand, but the footage just seems boring and basic to her!"

The insider continues, "The problem is that she was trying to do this on her own without the help of her famous family. But she is realizing that she might need their drama after all. She is now all about trying to create fake stuff to bring in viewers!"

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