Tiny Reveals She's Been Talking to T.I. Again: 'It's a Mistake'

The former Xscape member confesses she's started talking to Tip again and says her relationship with him feels like a roller coaster ride.

AceShowbiz - Tameka Cottle a.k.a. Tiny Harris seems to be unable to move on from T.I. Amid their divorce drama, Tiny revealed that they've been talking to each other again although she knew that it shouldn't have happened. She said that he always managed to make her talk to him again.

"We are back talking now and that was really mistake, I don't know how that started happening," the former Xscape member said during an appearance on Jules UnCut on Tuesday, June 6. "He always does that, he finds a way to get in a call and then we start talking again."

Tiny described her relationship with the "Live Your Life" hitmaker as a roller coaster ride. "Some weeks we are on, some weeks we are off," she explained. "We have been off this week. Today is my first time talking to him guys, you know. We are up and down, some roller coaster here."

She couldn't deny that they still have love for each other because they were together for a long time. "We have been together a long time and there is a lot of love there," Tiny said. "I stress that and I say that all the time because it is true. Even though we are going through this difficult separation or whatever we are doing, it is something that still comes natural which is how we are as a family, a natural vibe. Some days we are divorced and some days we are not."

Prior to Tiny's confession, it was reported that she and T.I. are expecting a child. Sources claimed that the 41-year-old singer/songwriter appeared to confirm the rumors as she sported an apparent baby bump during her outing over the weekend.

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