Brad Pitt Helps Console Chris Cornell's Kids With Universal Studios Trip

Meanwhile, Chris' brother Peter still mourns the singer's death as he shares their childhood photo and an emotional message on Facebook.

AceShowbiz - Brad Pitt showed his support for Chris Cornell's family during this difficult time. The "War Machine" actor took the late singer's children, daughter Toni, 12, and son Christopher, 11, to Universal Studios Hollywood on Wednesday, May 31.

Theme park visitors spotted the three during their visit. Fans reported through social media that Brad and the kids were seen walking around Simpsons Land, sipping butterbeer from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and riding the Jurassic Park-themed water coaster. Christopher also got to pick out a wand from the Ollivander's Wand Shop attraction.

"Brad was gracious and polite, but seemed intent on making sure the kids were happy," says a source. "They all seemed comfortable together, like Brad was effectively taking their mind off of things for a few hours with a fun day at the park."

Another source tells PEOPLE, "Brad loved Chris and of course will be there for his family."

Meanwhile, Chris' brother Peter is still mourning the Soundgarden frontman's death. He recently shared on Facebook his first photo with his brother and their last photo together along with an emotional message.

"It's been difficult to put words together. My heart is broken. Chris was always just my brother. We just 'were'. No pretense. No dog and pony show. We didn't have to get deep all the time. Sometimes we only needed to just be in the same room and just be present. That was enough," he wrote.

Peter continued, "It wasn't until this week, it really hit me how he belonged to the world. That he is an icon and a legend. That being said, I am so sorry to YOU for your loss. Artists, actors, musicians. We rely on these people to lift us up. To inspire us and distract us in times of trouble. Chris protected us when we needed him to."

"I will never wrap my head around his passing. I've been in shock since I heard the news. I can't and won't let him go. Please know, with all the humility I can muster from the depths of a pulverized heart, I THANK EACH OF YOU for your kindness and condolences. THANK YOU for finding me through YOUR tears," he added, before concluding it by telling people to "hold your brothers close."

Chris Cornell was found dead on May 18 in a hotel in Detroit. His death was ruled as suicide by hanging. He was laid to rest at Los Angeles' Hollywood Forever Cemetery on May 26. Brad Pitt was seen among Chris' celebrity friends who attended the funeral.

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