Kanye West Is Nervous About Making Music as He Is Scared 'He Has Lost a Step'

Kanye West Is Nervous About Making Music as He Is Scared 'He Has Lost a Step'

After being out of the spotlight for months, the 39-year-old spitter is reportedly stressed out over making music and determined to prove that he hasn't 'lost a step.'
Kanye West seems to be quite nervous to make his comeback to hip-hop. Following his seclusion on Wyoming mountaintop, the "Famous" rapper is ready to release new music. But instead of being excited about it, he is reportedly stressed out over making his return because he has been staying out of the spotlight for a quite long time.

"Kanye West is stressed over new music and how he is going to make his return to the rap and pop culture world," a source tells HollywoodLife.com. "He has obviously stayed low-key since his meltdown. But now he's stressed on what to do to get back in the limelight without making it look like he has lost a step."

With his determination to prove that he "hasn't lost a step," it looks like fans need to wait a little longer to hear Kanye's new music. "It's looking like it will be a little bit before we see the return of Yeezy on our radios and award show," the source adds.

Kanye apparently needs peace when making music. Prior to his seclusion in Wyoming, he went into exile in 2009. After isolating himself for several months in Hawaii, he eventually returned with a masterpiece called "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy".

The rapper has now been back from his seclusion and has spent more time with his family. A few weeks ago, he was spotted enjoying fun rides at Disneyland with his wife Kim Kardashian and their children. In addition, he recently showed his romantic side by surprising Kim with huge flower bouquets to celebrate their third wedding anniversary.

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