T.I. Confronts Tiny About Alleged Floyd Mayweather Affair

In a clip from the upcoming episode of 'Family Hustle', TIP and his estranged wife are having a dinner when he accuses her of cheating with his nemesis.

AceShowbiz - T.I.'s marriage to Tameka Cottle a.k.a. Tiny has been hit with several cheating scandals for months. And in a new clip from the upcoming episode of "T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle", the "Dead and Gone" rapper finally confronts his estranged wife about her alleged affair with his nemesis, Floyd Mayweather, Jr..

It's Tiny who first confronts Tip about the many reported infidelities that have plagued their marriage. While having a dinner at a restaurant, however, the rapper turns the table on her, accusing her of cheating with the former boxer, while she reminds him that he cheated on her with "someone she hired."

It all starts when Tip tells Tiny that she left and "got a house somewhere else," to which the mother of five responds, "Because you started cheating. Yes, sir." Tiny explains in the confessional, "Tip had some infidelities with a girl who I hired and that girl is one of the reasons why I got my own house... I ain't intertwining my soul with no f**kin' body. It's totally different from what you're doing."

Hitting back at Tiny, Tip mentions that she visited the house of someone he "doesn't f**k with." He does not mention the name, but photos show that Tiny attended a party at Floyd's home, and even shared a dance with the 40-year-old hunk. Tiny admits to being there, but she insists that she didn't sleep with him.

When Tip points out that he knew she was "in his house," Tiny quickly responds, "When? We weren't together! Don't speak on it as though you know what you're talking about." She asks, "How do you know that? 'Cause you seen me dancing? You don't know... If he can come and treat me like a woman.," before Tip hits back as saying, "I spent millions on you, what the f**k are you saying?"

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