Billy Crudup Drops Out of 'The Flash' Movie

Billy Crudup Drops Out of 'The Flash' Movie

The actor was supposed to portray Barry Allen's father in the Speedster solo movie which is led by Ezra Miller.
"The Flash" has another setback. While the movie is close to finding a new director, it unfortunately lost a cast member. According to Entertainment Weekly, Billy Crudup who was originally set to play Barry Allen's father has abandoned the movie.

Rick Famuyiwa was initially signed on to direct the movie but he left. Now Robert Zemeckis ("Back to the Future") and Matthew Vaughn ("Kingsman: The Golden Circle") are eyed to sit behind the lens. Sam Raimi ("Spider-Man") and Marc Webb ("The Amazing Spider-Man") were also approached for the job, but they reportedly turned it down.

"The Flash" stars Ezra Miller as the titular hero. Before embarking on his solo adventure, the Speedster will join Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Cyborg first in Zack Snyder's "Justice League". Crudup was supposed to play Henry Allen in the Snyder-directed film. It's unclear how his departure will affect the character.

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