Watch Katy Perry's Bizarre NSFW Music Video for 'Bon Appetit' Ft. Migos

Watch Katy Perry's Bizarre NSFW Music Video for 'Bon Appetit' Ft. Migos

The four-minute visuals is given mixed reviews by fans as it features eerie scenes which include the songstress literally being prepared like a meal.
Fresh from the oven! A brand new music video for Katy Perry's collaborative track with Migos "Bon Appetit" is here. However, if you expected a sexy music video with seductive and sensual scenes, you might find the Dent De Cuir-directed clip disappointing. Katy seemingly takes her new song too literally, so the visuals turns out to be more sinister than sexy.

At the beginning of the video, we are warned with a neon "NSFW" sign. Katy then shows up, wrapped in plastic like a piece of meat. Shortly after, a team of cooks free her from the wrapping before they start kneading her like a dough. Other eerie scenes include Katy's tongue being burned like a creme brulee and her hair being chopped off.

Her collaborator, Migos, plays it cool in a diner when Katy is brought in to be served for a pack of hungry gourmets. The hip-hop group then helps her to take the dinner guests as hostages while Katy dances on a stripper pole. A final scene sees Katy holding a knife and fork, ready to eat a human pie in front of her.

Unsurprisingly, the video has received mixed reactions from fans. Some of them consider the clip artsy. "Let's be honest, the video is pure gold," a YouTube user commented, while another wrote, "You can't deny the fact that this video is a MASTERPIECE." However, some fans are disturbed with the bizarre visuals. "She's a cannibal. That's the meaning of the video. Very disturbing," a fan wrote below the video. Another fan gave similar reaction, writing, "This video makes me want to throw up!!! Everything in this video is wrong!!! SICKO!!!"

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