Is Choa Leaving AOA After Two-Month 'Rest'?

The 27-year-old singer has been absent from many group activities without any reason, causing fans to speculate that she may be leaving the group soon.

AceShowbiz - Choa is believed to be leaving AOA soon as she has been missing many group schedules with no reason. She also hasn't been seen spending time with her groupmates, leading fans to believe that something happened to the group.

On Wednesday, May 3, AOA attended a music festival without Choa and Seolhyun. Seolhyun had to skip the event due to filming an advertisement in France, but the reason for Choa's absence remained unknown. The last time Choa appeared together with AOA was for their concert in March. When AOA had a schedule in Japan last month, she was nowhere to be seen.

Besides being absent from group events, the "Flame" songstress has been inactive on Instagram for the last 14 weeks. The other members' Instagram posts also sparked speculations that they were facing a big problem. Yuna recently posted a screencap of IU's "Ending Scene" lyrics which read, "I really mean it. You have the right to be happier." Mina posted a photo with words that read, "Hold on tight. It will pass." Now her Instagram account is locked, fueling people's suspicion about Choa's possible departure.

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Fans expressed their confusion and sadness on Choa's Instagram account. Her comment section is now filled with comments asking her to stay in AOA. "Our queen stay with us and AOA we love you," a fan said. Another asked, "Please come back Choaaaa!! Where are you?" Some others tried to guess the reason behind her absence in an article on Nate. "Pregnant?" one fan guessed. "Or she's getting plastic surgery," another added.

AOA's agency, FNC Entertainment, just released an official statement regarding Choa's status. "Choa is currently resting. She has expressed her wish to take a break after AOA's concert. There is no specific reason," the statement read.

Despite the agency's clarification, fans still believe that she's leaving the group because FNC didn't inform about her break before. "I refuse to trust what FNC says," a fan declared. Others are convinced that something is happening between Choa and FNC.

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