'Avengers' Helmer Joss Whedon to Direct, Write and Produce 'Batgirl'

The upcoming DC female superhero movie is expected to revolve around the daughter of Commissioner Gordon.

AceShowbiz - Joss Whedon is moving on from Marvel and now jumping into DC, Variety learns. The director of "The Avengers" and its sequel "Avengers: Age of Ultron" is set to sit behind the lens, pen a script, and serve as a producer for DC comic book adaptation "Batgirl".

According to Entertainment Weekly, the project is expected to focus on the original Batgirl, Barbara Gordon, the daughter of Commissioner Gordon. The film reportedly draws inspiration from DC Comics "New 52" which sees Barbara recovering from a paralyzing spinal injury.

Barbara suffered the injury after fighting The Joker in 1988's graphic novel "The Killing Joke". She ended up in a wheelchair but continued her vigilante activities as a super hacker under the moniker Oracle. She finally recovers from her injury in "New 52" but is still haunted by the near-fatal experience.

No actor is attached to "Batgirl", but the feature film will be the second female-centric superhero movie from DC after "Wonder Woman". Starring %cGal Gadot%, the Diana Prince saga is scheduled to come out in theaters across the United States on June 2.

Joss Whedon is actually no stranger to DC. Before directing Marvel's "Avengers", he wrote a Wonder Woman movie for Warner Brothers, but it was abandoned by the studio.

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