'Twin Peaks' Revival: First Photos and Details Are Revealed

See David Duchovny dressing as a woman and other familiar faces returning for the Showtime revival.

AceShowbiz - Showtime has finally shared first pictures of its "Twin Peaks" revival. Making their way out via Entertainment Weekly, these photos feature familiar faces, including David Duchovny dressing as a woman.

For those who are surprised to see "The X-Files" star drag dressing in the image, you may be not aware of his breakout guest stint on the David Lynch-co-created series. Duchovny played DEA agent Denise Bryson, whom Agent Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) knew as Denis before he first dressed as a woman during an undercover operation and found the clothes relaxing, in three episodes of the original series.

He will return for an unspecified number of episodes on the revival, but it's unclear if Duchovny will reprise her role as Denise because Showtime and Lynch won't reveal who anyone in the revival is playing.

Jake Wardle and James Marshall are also back on the show and featured in a photo along with Lynch, but again their roles are unknown. Madchen Amick and Peggy Lipton wear uniforms like waitress at the Double R Diner and the eatery's owner respectively.

Lynch also has a role on the revival. He's seen sharing screen with the late Miguel Ferrer, who played FBI lab genius Albert Rosenfield on the original series. There are also Kimmy Robertson, who played Lucy, quirky receptionist at the Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department, and Harry Goaz, who was Deputy Andy. It appears that they are still a couple in the photo.

Michael Horse, who played Deputy Hawk, is featured in another image. Meanwhile, Sheryl Lee (the slain Laura Palmer), Wendy Robie, Everett McGill and Sherilyn Fenn are featured in three different versions of the EW cover.

The original show ended with an unresolved cliffhanger after Agent Cooper, who ventured into the otherworldly realm of The Black Lodge to rescue his girlfriend, was attacked by a dark doppelganger who then took his place in the real world, possessed with the spirit of BOB (the late Frank Silva). " 'Twin Peaks' is a cosmology," says Showtime's president and CEO David Nevins of the confusing twist.

As for whether we will get some clarification to the mystery, he tells the magazine, "What I think is satisfying about the new version is that it's a deeper exploration of that stuff. What is the Red Room? How does the Red Room work? Where is Agent Cooper? Can he make it back?"

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