Report: Gisele Bundchen Urges Tom Brady to Retire After Super Bowl Win

The Brazilian supermodel is reportedly 'begging' her hubby to call it quits with his career following his historic comeback win at the 2017 Super Bowl.

AceShowbiz - Gisele Bundchen wants her husband Tom Brady to retire following his historic comeback win at the 2017 Super Bowl, according to a source. The Brazlian supermodel reportedly gives her hubby an ultimatum which could end in divorce.

"Giselle is begging him to retire and go out on top. She has retired and wants him to too," reveals a source close to the couple, "They have more money than they can ever spend and she is worried about him."

The 36-year-old model "wants Tom to follow the David Beckham model post sports [and] do endorsements, modeling and personal appearances," according to the source. But her hubby isn't ready to give up his glory just yet.

"He is a competitor and thinks he has another five years in him," the source tells Radar Online, "He thinks he can win again!"

A friend of Tom worries his defiance will create bigger problems at home. "If she makes him retire, that will be the end of the marriage. He had can't football he will go insane. This is in his blood," says the friend.

A representative for Gisele and Tom hasn't responded to a request for comment.

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