Man Undergoes 90 Procedures to Transform Into His Idol Britney Spears

Besides spending almost $100k for plastic surgeries including a nose job and fillers, the 31-year-old obsessed fan splashes out $500 a month for skin treatment.

AceShowbiz - This man should be given a throne for the best dedication he has for his idol. A big fan of Britney Spears, Bryan Ray has spent over $80k on 90 plastic surgery procedures to make himself look like his eternal idol.

Ray from California has always been obsessed with the "...Baby One More Time" singer. He started emulating the "Make Me..." singer by having veneers to match her smile. Ray has undergone 90 procedures to look like the iconic pop star.

He's spent over $80k in total for a nose job, fat injections, laser hair removal, lip fillers, botox injections and many more. Additionally, Ray keeps his skin looking youthful by splashing out $500 a month on lotions and creams.

Miss American dream since I was 17

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The owner of a marijuana edibles company told Daily Mail that the singer helped him understand himself better while growing up. He dubbed his idol a "perfection" in his eyes. Ray used to perform in nightclubs in West Hollywood, doing her songs along with the dance choreography he's mastered. He was even referred to as "Britney" among his friends as they greeted him with the star's infamous line "It's Britney, b***h!" from "Gimme More".

"I love making modifications to my face and body with the art of plastic surgery, fillers & countless other cosmetic procedures," the fan said as quoted by the site. He added, "Ever since I was young there was something about Britney Spears and the qualities she had that I thought was the perfect package. I was obsessed, I watched all her interviews, learned all her choreography and then paid to have the same perfect smile as, I felt that during that time we were very similar. In the beginning, I was trying to look like Britney Spears, my surgeons who designed my veneers asked me which celebrity smile I wanted to base mine on and it was hers." He also revealed his wish to get into modeling as he didn't have a plan to stop impersonating his idol.

Ray claimed he didn't have any wrinkles. He firmly believed that the procedures had helped prevent him from aging. He credited his youthful look to his routine of laser hair treatment every two months, lip fillers four times a year and botox every five months. "I've fully avoided wrinkles, Botox has been my best friend throughout my journey to prevent aging, even today people think I'm younger than I am," he bragged.

He also recalled the moments when he met the pop superstar. He said, "It was amazing meeting her, I went into a little outdoor flea market in Hawaii and heard a really small, very soft spoken voice with a southern accent behind me." He went on, "I've never been more nervous, I was face to face with my biggest idol and inspiration, she was completely not glammed stripped of make-up, very real and so gorgeous."

He revealed that he also met her during her infamous meltdown in 2007. "The next time I met her she was going through a dark period and was speaking in a British accent while waiting in line at a pharmacy, she acknowledged me but wasn't too friendly," he recalled. However, Spears appeared to be more friendly and sweet in the next encounter as he said, "Then I also met her again at a club called Tiger Heat in the VIP lounge when she was there with her boyfriend of the time, where she was very sweet."

Ray is set to showcase his talent in new show which is tentatively called "Plastic of Hollywood", where he and others will try to achieve fame through their talent instead of their outer looks.

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