Ellen DeGeneres May Leave the U.S. to Start a Family in Australia

The 'Ellen DeGeneres Show' host is considering moving to Aussie after she had a lot of fights with wife Portia de Rossi about having children.

AceShowbiz - It sounds like Ellen DeGeneres will do anything to stay married to Portia de Rossi. The daytime TV host is reportedly even considering moving to her wife's home country of Australia in order to save their "tattered marriage."

National Enquirer is the first to report that DeGeneres and deRossi's relationship is in jeopardy as the couple continues to have disagreement about having kids. "[They had] another knock-down, drag-out spat over having children," a source tells the publication. "Ellen vowed to Portia [they would have a baby but] nothing has happened."

So, DeGeneres has been trying to convince de Rossi that they would move to Australia and find a home "sutable for starting a family." "Ellen knows how much Portia hates Hollywood and the idea of buying a home in Australia went a long way to smoothing over the trouble," the source explains.

However, DeGeneres' fans shouldn't have to worry because the beloved comedienne isn't going anywhere. The National Enquirer story turns out to be false and has been corrected by "a trusted DeGeneres source" who tells Gossip Cop that the report is "idiotic and ridiculous." The funnywoman and her actress wife aren't fighting over having kids and have no plan to move to Australia.

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