Ivanka Trump Airplane Harasser Flooded With Bad Book Reviews

Fans of Ivanka are taking revenge by bombarding Amazon book page of the husband of a man who confronted Ivanka on her flight with one-star reviews.

AceShowbiz - Ivanka Trump was confronted by an anti-Trump passenger named Daniel Goldstein on a JetBlue flight on Thursday, December 22, 2017. Daniel, who is an attorney of Brooklyn, New York, accosted Ivanka by reportedly saying, "Your father is ruining the country." He added, "She should be flying private."

His husband, Matthew Lasner, who is an urban studies professor at Hunter College, said that Daniel was simply "expressing his displeasure in a calm tone." However, both the couple and their child were asked to leave the plane.

Since then, people have been calling the two "scum of the earth," "d*****bags," "political terrorists" and "heterophobic bigots." Moreover, Trump supporters have been giving bad reviews for Matthew's book titled "High Life: Condo Living in the Suburban Century" on Amazon.

Only one of the 106 reviews left on the Amazon page was written by someone who made a verified purchase back in 2013. Other comments were written after the incident with Ivanka, with several of the reviews making personal attacks on Lasner.

One review, written by user Lone Ranger, saying, "Not sure if High Life means attacking women and children on an airplane, but I am telling my friends in the business to never consider this book as a positive way of helping families find a home. I would give it no stars, if that was possible."

User fmp4369 wrote, "Book left me feeling like I was stuck at an airport. Story didn't have any altitude. Hopefully it's not made into an in flight movie." Another reviewer called Lasner a "liberal idiot" that harasses a young mother and her three children aboard a JetBlue airline.

A few others recommended to used the book as toilet paper, while another person suggested the book to be marketed as a fire starter.

Meanwhile, one Amazon user Axisoevil tried to fight back, leaving five-star review and saying, "Well written and researched. A thorough examination of suburban v urban existence," and adding, "Not recommended for white supremacists."

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