'Project Runway' Announces Season 15 Winner

Rik Villa, Roberi Parra, Erin Robertson and Laurence Basse make it to the final, but only one is crowned as the winner.

AceShowbiz - "Project Runway" has announced its season 15 winner. In the Thursday, December 22 finale, the four remaining contestants, Rik Villa, Roberi Parra, Erin Robertson and Laurence Basse, were struggling to make cohesive collections as cohesion was believed to be the biggest problem for the final designers of the season.

When it's time for the finalists to show their collections at the New York Fashion Week, mentor Tim Gunn, model and host Heidi Klum, Marie Claire's fashion director Nina Garcia and the acclaimed fashion designer Zac Posen served as the judges. "Shake It Up" star Zendaya Coleman also appeared in the finale as a guest judge.

Rik created a collection, which was a combination of paisley embroidered denim, black and white prints and colored leather. Zendaya said, "That jacket right there, holler at your girl." Nina said she had been skeptical of the denim, but she thought it all pulled together well.

Roberi, who went with a "confusion" concept, made Heidi proud of him while Nina said that she liked how he mixed refined pieces with outerwear. Zac then added that everything had a feminine but cerebral quality to them.

Erin's collection, which featured banana prints, caught Heidi's attention. She said, "I love it. I love the humor that she has in the clothes." Meanwhile, Zendaya said, "I had a lot of fun watching your stuff come down the runway. I think that as fun and kooky as it was, it felt very expensive and very cohesive at the same time." She added, "I think you balanced the kooky and the chic."

Laurence's collection was showing "the light at the end of the tunnel." Zendaya said that it was beautiful and chic but also had a nice toughness. Zac said that Laurence's collection was the most wearable but had a lack of runway impact.

Erin, who described her project as "Project Funway", was later crowned as the winner. She reacted to her win, saying, "This is madness. I don't even know how to say how f**king excited I am... An ex-Mormon girl just won 'Project Runway' season 15."

Erin later posted on Instagram a photo of herself wearing banana earrings while holding a banana and captioned it, "Banana banana in my palm who win PR and take it all? @stephbcphoto #designerErin #projectrunway ps thanks for the earrings @lindamarcusdesign!!!"

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