'Sherlock' Season 4 Finale Title Revealed - Here's How It May Hint at the Plot

The third and last episode of the fourth season will be called 'The Final Problem' and fans have been speculating about what that means.

AceShowbiz - Less than a month before we see the eccentric detective trying to solve cases again, BBC has finally revealed the title of the season 4 finale of "Sherlock". And just like the titular character, fans can't help using their sleuthing skills to try to figure out clues as to what the title means.

The third and last episode of the upcoming season will be called "The Final Problem" and it will be screened in 350 cinemas nationwide on January 16 and 18. While some may draw a simple conclusion that the title hints at the end of the series, some others look beyond that. The other theory is related to the season 2 finale called "The Reichenbach Fall".

In the said episode, Sherlock came face-to-face with his arc-nemesis Moriarty on a rooftop. During their conversation, Moriarty asked Sherlock, "Oh, that's the problem - the final problem. Have you worked what it is yet?" As Sherlock remained silent, Moriarty said again, "I did tell you, but did you listen? How hard do you find it, having to say, 'I don't know?' "

Sherlock was forced to commit suicide alongside Moriarty to save his loved ones, but it was later revealed that Sherlock faked his death with the help of Molly Hooper.

In the third season finale, Sherlock who was about to be sent into exile was brought back to the U.K. after Moriarty had allegedly returned. A video of the villain asking, "Did you miss me?" spread all over the country, but Sherlock was confident that Moriarty had not actually returned after this year's holiday special.

"Sherlock" season 4 premieres January 1, 2017 on PBS Masterpiece, the same date it airs across the pond. Toby Jones is added to the cast as new villain Culverton Smith, who has been described as "the darkest villain" the show has ever had.

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