'Scream Queens' 2.07 Preview: The Green Meanie Gets Order to Kill

Dr. Holt is seen attacking Dean Munsch as his hand appears to be out of control in the sneak peek for next week's episode.

AceShowbiz - Dean Munsch could be the next target on "Scream Queens". In a preview for the upcoming episode of the FOX anthology series, Dr. Holt's hand appears to be out of control, making his head hit a hard surface.

He seems to be unconscious in another scene with his hand dragging his body on the floor. Later, wearing a blood-stained surgical robe, he approaches Dean Munsch and violently grabs her by the throat. In another scene, Chanel Oberlin seduces Dr. Holt.

In the latest episode, [SPOILER ALERT!] the Green Meanie took off the mask and he's none other than Dr. Cassidy, who is the baby in the 1980s. But there's another twist as Nurse Ingrid (Kirstie Alley) was revealed to be the sister of the late Mr. Bean from season 1 and she told Dr. Cassidy that they're on the same team.

Following this revelation, Nurse Ingrid seems to take control over Dr. Cassidy and orders him to kill someone in the next episode.

"The Hand" airs Tuesday, November 29 at 9/8c on FOX. In an effort to secure positive press for the hospital, Dean Munsch pitches a risky surgery to Dr. Holt, whose hand begins expressing more of a wild and dangerous personality than ever before. Meanwhile, Chanel #3 forces Cassidy to undergo a psych test to find the root of his condition with surprising results, and Nurse Hoffel sets a devious plan in motion.

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