Find Out Harrison Ford's Reaction to Carrie Fisher Exposing Their 'Star Wars' Affair!

The Han Solo depicter doesn't seem too happy with his former co-star after the latter exposed their past affair in an excerpt of her book.

AceShowbiz - %cHarrison Ford% hasn't publicly said a word on %cCarrie Fisher%'s shocking revelation about their illicit affair on the set of "Star Wars", but the actress is seemingly aware that her former co-star was not too happy with it. "He went, 'Lawyer!' " Fisher quipped about the actor's reaction.

"It's been 40 years," she told PEOPLE. "I didn't say anything to anybody for years. But it's not like anyone's deeply affected by it anymore." She also made sure her ex-lover got an early copy and said she was open to any notes from him.

The Princess Leia depicter revealed in her new tell-all book "The Princess Diarist" that she had an "intense" fling with her on-screen love interest in the 1970s. His marriage to Mary Marquardt later crumbled, but Fisher insisted it had nothing to do with their affair.

The actress also seemingly insinuated her ex-lover was bad in bed, but she quickly cleared the air on Twitter. She claimed that the story was taken out of context, "I would never talk about how someone was in any furniture--chair, bed, coffee table or otherwise."

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