Ellen DeGeneres Wants Baby With Portia de Rossi to Save Marriage

The daytime talk show host reportedly fought a lot with her wife of eight years before she finally agreed to have a child to keep Portia 'happy and under control.'

AceShowbiz - Are %cEllen DeGeneres% and %cPortia de Rossi% finally planning to be parents? They are, according to the National Enquirer which reported that the daytime talk show host wanted a child to save her marriage to her wife of eight years.

The publication claimed that DeGeneres' "praying" the baby "will put an end to Portia's relentless tantrums, jealous rages and destructive drinking and dieting." Their source also said that the pair were trying to save their marriage as they had been on the verge of a "$220 million divorce multiple time."

"Ellen knows it's a risk, but she truly loves Portia and wants to make it work," a source said. "One of their biggest marital issues has been a dramatically different view on family. Portia has always dreamed of becoming a mom, but Ellen doesn't even allow kids in their Beverly Hills mansion."

DeGeneres and de Rossi reportedly fought a lot before the former was convinced that "a child is the only way to keep Portia happy and under control." The source added, "The only thing they need to sort out now is if they will adopt or use a surrogate."

Turns out, none of the National Enquirers claims is true. Gossip Cop pointed out that the tabloid had published a number of false stories about the DeGeneres and de Rossi. Still, they checked in with another insider who could confirm that the latest report about the couple is "completely untrue." The source assured fans that the pair still "have no desire to have kids."

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