So, Is 'Inside Amy Schumer' Really Canceled? Here's What Amy Schumer Says

The comedienne also talks about the show's writer Kurt Metzger's controversial rape comments that made her feel 'disappointed.'

AceShowbiz - %cAmy Schumer% has addressed her show's fate after hinting that "Inside Amy Schumer" is canceled. Clarifying her earlier tweets that were posted on Wednesday, August 17 in response to Kurt Metzger's controversial comments about sexual assault, the comedienne tweeted on Thursday, "#InsideAmySchumer is not cancelled."

"@ComedyCentral has provided us with a wonderful home and we couldn't be happier there. I am just touring," she continued, before adding in another post, "Doing Standup and focusing on writing more for the next year at least. We are slated for a season 5 but not in the foreseeable future."

Schumer has also sat down with %cCharlie Rose% to talk about Metzger's rape comments that made her feel "disappointed." She explained, "One of the reasons he's such a great writer, and such a great contributor to our television show, is because his views are so different from that of mine and most of the other writers in the room."

"Especially Jessi Klein, who's the head writer of the show. We butt heads, we get in fights, because he infuriates us," the 35-year-old said of another "Inside Amy Schumer" writer. She additionally said of Metzger, "It feels very positive to have someone in there saying this is from the male perspective," adding that Metzger "is the most out-there male perspective possible."

While calling Metzger her "friend," Schumer said she didn't read his Facebook rants. "That is not representative of me at all," she said of Metzger's controversial statements. "I've asked him, 'Can you just stop?' Because it comes back to me. Because he writes for the show, it's a bigger story, because of our connection. Whatever tangent he's gone off on, I have not agreed, and it's been really upsetting to me seeing someone that I care about hurt themselves like this."

Addressing her tweet that Metzger's not working for her, she told Rose, "Right now there are no plans for the TV show to come back in the near future, so nobody is on my staff. There are no writers. People, they want his head; they want to burn him at the stake. I want them to not attach me to what he's writing."

Schumer additionally noted that the discussion about Metzger took focus away from "the real problem, which is people understanding about rape. What's consensual and what's not." She added, "Let's focus on actually getting the problem done. I was sexually assaulted. I have encouraged women to come out... I want men to hear what happened so that there's no confusion, because people have different understandings of what sexual assault is, what rape is. Let's all get on the same page so that it happens less."

The full interview with Charlie Rose will air Friday, August 19 on PBS.

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