Jimmy Fallon Turns Into Neil Young and Joins Actual Neil Young 'On a Tree Stump'

The 'Tonight Show' host and the veteran singer don matching jackets and hats as they take turns singing the track on a spinning tree stump.

AceShowbiz - Neil Young met his "twin" in the Tuesday night, June 21 episode of "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon". The show's host Jimmy Fallon once again transformed into the veteran musician and joined the actual Neil Young for a new song called "Two Neil Youngs on a Tree Stump".

The funnyman donned a hat, a wig and a light brown jacket while playing his guitar and sitting on a tree stump that spinned around as he and the real Young took turns singing about, of course, them being "two Neil Youngs on a tree stump."

Fallon's Neil Young impression is a recurring bit on "The Tonight Show". He was also dressed as the singer last year, when they teamed up for the Shakey's 1972 classic "Old Man". Back in 2014, the talk show host as Young welcomed David Crosby, Graham Nash and Stephen Stills to the stage to sing a folk version of Iggy Azalea's hit "Fancy".

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