New 'Jason Bourne' Trailer Teases Possible Death of Popular Character

The 30-second trailer for the fifth 'Bourne' movie reveals tons of action sequences and a potential major spoiler.

AceShowbiz - A new trailer for "Jason Bourne" has arrived online for viewing pleasure. The 30-second trailer teases the possibility of a popular character's death. "You have no idea who you're dealing with. This July, %cMatt Damon% is #JasonBourne," reads the caption.

The trailer opens with %cMatt Damon%'s titular memory-wiped assassin reuniting with %cJulia Stiles%' Nicky. Nicky tells Jason about a program named Iron Hand that's "even worse than before." The duo are then seen running away from countless shooters who are coming after them.

During a montage of fast-paced motorcycle riding scenes, Nicky gets shot by a lone sniper, flying from the back of Jason's bike. With Jason's shocked face and Nicky's absence from the rest of the trailer, she will likely get killed off in the movie.

While Nicky could overcome her injuries and come back to assist Jason, the likely concept is that he will now be motivated to investigate the mysterious Iron Hand after the loss of his ally.

"Jason Bourne" also stars %cVincent Cassel%, %cTommy Lee Jones%, %cAlicia Vikander%, %cRiz Ahmed% a.k.a. %cRiz MC% and %cAto Essandoh%. The fifth "Bourne" movie is scheduled to hit U.S. theaters on July 29.

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