Jake Gyllenhaal Helps Amy Schumer Spoof 'Catfish' and the Victim Becomes Obscure

Amy thinks she has been catfished by a guy who claims to be the actor, but Jake feels the other way around in the 'Inside Amy Schumer' skit.

AceShowbiz - %cJake Gyllenhaal% is the latest A-list celebrity who is featured on Comedy Central's "Inside Amy Schumer". The Oscar-nominated actor helps spoof "Catfish" in a skit that aired during the Thursday, May 26 episode of the comedy series.

It begins as %cAmy Schumer% meets "Katfish" hosts and claims that she has been catfished by someone who claims to be Jake. Amy says Jake called her "the most beautiful woman I have ever seen," something which fake Nev Schulman, played by %cPaul W. Downs%, classifies as a "major red flag." Jake always claimed he's busy reading Hollywood scripts when she asked him to talk on FaceTime, so the co-hosts and Amy decide to expose the fraud of her online boyfriend.

"I hope it's an overweight lesbian who can't make eye contact," Amy excitedly says when they arrive at his door. But it's the real Jake Gyllenhaal who comes out and from there the line between the victim and the culprit becomes blurred.

Amy's upset because she now can't appear on the MTV series. Ferret-lover Jake then finds out that Amy has been lying about her love for the animal, and he has an epic outburst that could earn him an accolade if he showed that acting skill in a feature film.

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