'The Amazing Race' Season 28 Finale: Who Arrives at the Finish Line First?

'The Amazing Race' Season 28 Finale: Who Arrives at the Finish Line First?

Is it Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl who have the most first-place wins, or engaged couple Dana Borriello and Matt Steffanina, or the underdogs Sheri and Cole LaBrant who win the competition?
Three teams were racing back to the U.S. and the Final Mat on "The Amazing Race" season 28 finale that aired Friday, May 13. Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl who had the most first-place wins this season, the constantly bickering couple Dana Borriello and Matt Steffanina, and mother-son duo Sheri and Cole LaBrant who were underdogs were the remaining teams in the competition.

The finale started with the three teams flying from Shenzhen, China to Los Angeles. Upon arriving after a 13-hour flight, they faced the first Road Block at Angelus Plaza where one member of each team had to jump from the top of a 170-foot tall building. But that's not all since in the middle of flying, they had to grab a clue that's dangling an indeterminate distance in front of them.

Matt completed the task in a first try, Sheri was sobbing before she could overcome her fear and jump off the building. She got the clue on the second try. Team Torey was finally able to get the clue after doing it three times.

The teams were later whisked on a helicopter to Santa Barbara where they had to track down a 1926 fishing boat named Theresa Ann among hundreds of other boats. Dana and Matt located the boat quickly after doing some research using their taxi driver's phone. Cole and Sheri, meanwhile, were initially thinking that it's the maritime museum before finally looking for a boat. At the same time, Tyler and Korey already found the boat.

Dana and Matt made a mistake by not holding onto their cab driver and couldn't find another taxi until around 20 minutes later. The other two teams left at almost the same time. Their next destination was Gibraltar Rock, where one member would traverse across a canyon to receive one-half of their clue. The other member, meanwhile, was lowered down the vertical rock face to retrieve the other half of the clue.

Dana and Matt kept their lead heading into the final Road Block at Grassini Family Vineyards, where one member had to arrange wine barrel lids with letters on them to spell out nine of the cities they've visited during the race and match them with the hashtag that was written on each city's clue. Dana finished it just as Cole started.

Dana and Matt arrived at the final pit stop first and won the $1 million. Sheri and Cole finished in the second place, and Korey and Tyler placed third. Sheri and Cole were proud of their achievement, while Korey and Tyler professed their love to each other as best friends.

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