Zack Snyder and Henry Cavill Still Want to Do Superman's Next Solo Movie

Meanwhile, producer Charles Roven says that 'Man of Steel 2' is being considered but may not arrive anytime soon because of other DC Comics films Warner Bros. has planned.

AceShowbiz - When Warner Bros. revealed their full slate of DC Comics films in 2014, solo Batman and Superman movies were left without exact release dates. While Geoff Johns and Ben Affleck have started working together on the former film's script, the latter film's fate remains a mystery. However, Zack Snyder and Henry Cavill have revealed in a new interview with IGN that they're still eager to do the sequel to 2013's "Man of Steel".

"I think if we could get a good script it would be great to have a standalone Superman movie. I think that would be fun to do," Snyder said in the interview to promote "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice". "Part of the reason we haven't announced the standalone Superman movie was to support some of the events of ('Dawn of Justice')."

Cavill agreed that the planned DC slate was one reason "Man of Steel 2" hadn't happened. "I do believe it depends upon the success of this movie. If this goes well then we can start to negotiate with Warner Bros. to develop a standalone Superman, but they've got their plan set out for other stuff and Justice Leagues and various other movies. It's about finding the time really. It's something I would be very keen to do," he stated.

Also joining the two in the chat was producer Charles Roven, who said that the next standalone Superman flick was indeed considered, but it wasn't the studio's priority right now. "We're in the process of looking at that. But we don't have it on the schedule at the moment because we're quite busy with the movies that we have scheduled," he explained.

While it's still unclear when "Man of Steel 2" will happen, Superman will return to the DCEU in "Justice League Part One" that's scheduled to hit U.S. theaters on November 17, 2017.

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