'Arrow' 4.16 Preview: Oliver's Stalker Returns After Broken Engagement

Former villain Cupid a.k.a. Carrie Cutter is back in Star City when the show returns after a long hiatus on March 23.

AceShowbiz - As many have suspected, the revelation of Oliver's big secret wouldn't be good for his relationship with Felicity. In the latest episode of "Arrow", [SPOILER ALERT!] after learning that Oliver has a son, William, with his former girlfriend, Felicity managed to put aside their domestic issue for a while to save the boy who was kidnaped by Damien Darhk.

With the help of Vixen (Megalyn Echikunwoke), Oliver found Darhk's compound in Sky Woods and freed his son. Oliver, who had promised to William's mother Samantha to stay far from him, recorded a video message for William to watch on his 18th birthday.

Felicity then talked to Oliver. Although Samantha said to Felicity she was to blame for Oliver keeping the secret from her, Felicity told Oliver he should've included her in his decision making. "Once again, you have left me out of the decision," she told Oliver, and removed her engagement ring. The episode ended with Felicity finally able to stand up and walk away.

So, is it the end of Olicity? Emily Bett Rickards doesn't think so. "I think they are each other's soulmates," she tells EW. "I don't think it's that easy to let go of someone that you have shared such a deep connection with, even if they were hiding things from you. She might be able to take off the ring, but I don't know if she can lose the intertwined connection of her heart, so we'll see."

On Felicity's decision to call off their engagement, Rickards explains, "It hits her so hard, and she feels like she's been blindsided. That only ignites the taking off of the ring. There have been so many big life changes for her recently, especially because she can't use her legs. That on top of your partner keeping a big secret from you, there's just so much going on for her that once she hears that, she just needs space and time, and discards of the promise that's been wrapped around her finger."

When the show returns after a long hiatus on March 23, team Arrow will still face against Darhk, who is responsible for the death of someone in the grave. "It's not necessarily revenge as it is trying to prevent danger and death in the future," Rickards says of the second half of the season.

A preview for the 16th episode also teases the return of villain Cupid a.k.a. Carrie Cutter, played by Amy Gumenick, who was once obsessed with the titular hero.

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