'Arrow' 4.13 Preview Teases Oliver's Showdown With Malcolm

Nyssa convinces Oliver that the only way to save his sister Thea is to kill Malcolm Merlyn, who also happens to be Thea's father.

AceShowbiz - "There will be war" in the next episode of "Arrow". Oliver's sister Thea is dying and Nyssa makes use of the situation to exact revenge on Malcolm Merlyn, who robbed her of her birthright by claiming leadership over the League of Assassins, by using Oliver.

In a preview for the upcoming outing, Nyssa convinces Oliver that the only way to save his sister is to kill Malcolm. "What's unfolding here is bigger than my daughter," Malcolm tries to explain, but that won't prevent an epic battle between him and Oliver.

"Sins of the Father" airs Wednesday, February 10 at 8/7c on The CW. According to the official synopsis, Oliver receives an offer from Nyssa (guest star Katrina Law) that is hard to refuse. Meanwhile, Thea continues to battle the blood lust, Malcolm steps in to help his daughter, and Laurel has a heart to heart talk with Nyssa.

Speaking to Comic Book Resources, Katrina Law explains why it's important for her character Nyssa to be the leader of the League of Assassins while she despised her father Ra's al Ghul. "When it comes to taking the position of Ra's al Ghul, when you've been told something from the day you were born -- that this is what you are, this is who you should be, and this is what you were meant to be -- it's hard to not believe that, especially when it comes from a parental figure," she says.

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