'The Exorcist' TV Series Coming to FOX

The network has ordered a pilot to the modern reinvention of William Peter Blatty's horror novel which was turned into a 1973 movie of the same name.

AceShowbiz - One of the creepiest movies of all time is going to come to your television. FOX has ordered a pilot to "The Exorcist" based on William Peter Blatty's bestselling 1971 book of the same name, which was turned into the 1973 hit horror movie.

Dubbed a modern reinvention of the horror story, the small-screen project is "a propulsive, serialized psychological thriller following two very different men tackling one family's case of horrifying demonic possession, and confronting the face of true evil."

Jeremy Slater, who wrote 2015's "The Fantastic Four", is writing the one-hour drama and will executive produce it with James Robinson, David Robinson and Barbara Wall. The pilot is being produced by 20th Century Fox Television in association with Morgan Creek Productions.

"The Exorcist" movie grossed more than $232 million at the box office when it was released in 1973, ranking as one of the 10 biggest box office hits of all time when its gross is adjusted for inflation.

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