'Fargo' Season 3 Will Premiere in 2017 With New Cast and Setting

Showrunner Noah Hawley made the announcement during a conference call on Tuesday morning, December 15.

AceShowbiz - Fans of "Fargo" will have to wait until 2017 for its third season. Showrunner Noah Hawley announced the news during a conference call on Tuesday morning, December 15 along with other details about his plans for the next season.

"The reality is you won't see it in 2016," Noah said. "It's a winter show for better or worse. There is not time to shoot another year before this winter is over. It's also very important to me and my other producers, I think one of the strengths of the show is that we separate the writing from the production and we really take our time and we break the whole story and we write eight of the 10 hours at least and we end up up there knowing exactly what we're doing, exactly what the whole story is."

He continued, "We're going through the writing process now. I've written the first hour and we're about half-way through breaking the season and we'll be writing over the next few months with the idea that we'll go into production, much like our first year, we'll be shooting in November and hopefully back on the air in the Spring of 2017."

Noah then discussed working with FX, "One of the great joys of working with FX is the idea that we're making these 10 hour movies and there's going to be some kind of event quality to them. We can take our time and get them right and put them on the air, whether that's 12 months or 15 months or 18 months after the last one. I think that really makes it an event. I think the minute you're hitting the same airdate every year you're just making a television show."

"Fargo" season 3 will be set in 2010, four years after season 1, but will not include any of the first season regulers as lead players. "That's not to say that one of our stories might not intersect with characters we've seen before for a certain period of time," Noah said.

Noah said the third season is "more contemporary story and that's exciting." He explained, "Our first year was set in 2006, but we didn't really deal with what it's like to be in that region in a more contemporary world. I like the idea that we're now living in a very selfie-oriented culture - people photograph what they're eating and put it up for other people to see - it feels like a social dynamic that is very antithetical to the Lutheran pragmatism of the region. So much of our crime stories are based around the difficulty people have expressing themselves and communicating."

"We didn't really do what we did in our first year," he added. "We didn't tee up the story of Season 3 within the body of Season 2. That said, I think it's very exciting to now think once more, 'What else can you do with 'Fargo'?' In the third year the question becomes, structurally and stylistically: What's left to say? What do we do that feels similar, but different so we're not repeating ourselves? We're always looking for connections and things that fit into the larger body of work we're building, hopefully without ever seeming twee or precious or too clever by far."

"Fargo" won three Emmys for its first season, while the second season earned three Golden Globe nominations.

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